About Us


Sattva is run by a Professional and renowned Drummer and Percussionist Vatayan with the support of like minded friends. Vatayan has been working in the Music Industry and teaching for the past 20 years with one of the best musicians and Studio Professionals. Performed in more than 14 countries. Recorded and played with one of the best musicians around the globe like Lesle Lewis, Bikramjit Singh, Joshua, Sivamani, Manasi Scott, Kavita Seth. Just to name a few.

The Idea, of SATTVA came after not being able to get the right equipment for the right price from the business people who never understood the need of Musicians and people associated with music and also the treatment given and most important the time factor involved in the delivery of the products.

So the dream came true after years of research and hard work. Now musicians do not have to wait any longer to get the best of the products at the best price within the committed time.

SATTVA has grown into a household name in music locally and growing Internationally with its Djmbes making name all around , and is a familiar name to almost all musicians across the city.

“Where Music is and You are”

SATTVA has not only touched the hearts of Musicians but also people from all walks of life and spectrums, People who feel and breathe music and as its name it has left its essence in their blissful being. And this is possible because of their understanding, passion and dedication that drives a team of committed employees to serve Music and its roots.

Not only does it make available world-class products at affordable prices but also proactively invests in the development of musical knowledge through training workshops, master classes, clinics, demonstrations and exhibitions, and the sponsoring of local talent and artistes.


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